Alya Award

Alya Award is a global award selecting, recognising and celebrating exceptional individuals, businesses and companies. Resilience, Reinvention, Social Impact, Adaptability and Sustainability are key attributes to our award recognition.

The key attributes of our nomination process are: Resilience, Reinvention, Social Impact, Adaptability and Sustainability.

Resilience: honors entrepreneurial initiatives that take innovative approaches towards resiliency

Reinvention: honors those who have reinvented and adapted in the face of all challenges and barriers 

Social Impact: honors those who use their platforms and influence for the betterment of their communities 

Adaptability: honors those who have changed and adapted to thrive despite continuous challenges

Sustainability: honors those who demonstrate commitment in putting forward sustainable initiatives involving environment, social or governance management 


500€ a year

Our annual membership covers the entire calendar year with August being our holiday month.