The Founder

A Computer Science graduate, Nehad’s professional background started in the IT industry working for Oil & Gas sector as an IT Engineer. She maintained a strong passion for arts, especially in fashion and interior design. As a result, she completed her MBA followed by a Masters in Luxury Management and pursued her Ph.D in International Business with a focus on Slow Fashion Management.

Nehad has been part of many international organisations and communities including Families in Global Transition, ACCESS, The Expat Woman, SHELL OIL Global Outpost Services and The International Newcomers Club of Madrid. She held several board positions in these organisations of which the latest was Vice President of International Newcomers Club Madrid.

Egyptian Female Entrepreneur Making her mark in Europe - Nehad Sharaf

Nehad is an experienced entrepreneur and investor who ventures into various industries, from retail to commodities. She’s dedicated to backing startups and small businesses, channeling her passion into supporting their growth.

Nehad has been featured in several magazines, newspapers, and forums including, El PaisThe Madrid MetropolitanThe Diplomat Magazine and Spotlight on Nehad Sharaf

She has also won a number of prestigious awards including PRENAMO and Madrid Magazine

Alya Team

Alya Rezk

CoFounder, Director of AlyaX – A law student at IE University. She’s the founder of AuthentID, a digital identity verification system using a combination of biometrics, blockchain, and encryption technologies.

Claudine Kloetzli

Director of Art & Cultural Events – Originally from the French speaking part of Switzerland, Claudine finds inspiration exploring the world. She has developed her artistic passion by accompanying her diplomatic husband to many different destinations such as the United States, Australia, Poland, Serbia, Central Asia, the Caucasus and Russia. Her deep affection for Spain and its people and culture is prominently reflected in her artwork, particularly her passion for flamenco.


Victoria Silva Mora

Graphic Designer & Web Developer – With international experience, having been based in London, Brussels, Varese, Barcelona and Madrid. Clients have included Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, City of London, Guylian Chocolates, King’s College Madrid and European School Varese

Luis Munoz

Multimedia Producer – With a diverse background spanning Spanish-Guatemalan heritage and extensive experience with top brands like Redbull and Eyebrow Design, Luis is poised to bring fresh creativity and storytelling prowess to ALYA Society.

Lisi-Fracchia alya

Lisi Fracchia

Creative Director – From teaching to gemmology, Lisi impressively switched careers to become one of the most important gemologists and jewellery designers in Spain and across Europe. She owns her own brand of high end jewellery under her name, Lisi Fracchia.

Abi Lindsay Clark

Journalist – Since moving to Madrid in 1997 Abi has been working in the Television & Radio world as a Freelance Journalist, Voice Actress/Radio Presenter and Executive Producer. She has worked with Radio Nacional 5 with her programme ‘Un Paseo Por El Mundo’ and has written articles for El País and various English language magazines for the Asian market while working in China for 3 years.

Alya Air Team


Patricio Lescano, born in the 1990s, Patricio is a Computer Engineer and private pilot. He currently holds the position of Financial Manager at one of the major banks in Spain


Ruben Fernandez, born in Asturias in the 1980s, Ruben, originally a higher level of land army officers and intelligence and counterintelligence analyst, had joined the Madrid municipal police force


Jessica Maeso, studied teaching at the UJI University of Castellon, she dedicates her professional life to aviation as a cabin crew member in various national companies